LOT NO.                                                                                                                                                                                 EST.







RHODESIA (See also Lot 1287)



#41 (SG52) 1896 One Penny on 4/ grey-black and vermilion Matabele Rebellion Provisional, 11mm between value and upper bar, used. (Scott $350, SG £375). PHOTO

$    150


#42 (SG53) 1896 3d on 5/ Matabele Provisional. OG, HR. Fine+. (Scott $225, SG £200). PHOTO

$      90


#57 (SG73) 1897 £1 black and red-brown on green Arms high value, used. F-VF. (Scott $200, SG £225). PHOTO

$    100



1898 1½d ps card (H&G 6) to Bulawayo cancelled UMTALI DE 9 98. F-VF. PHOTO

$      80










#112var (SG153var) 1910 KGV 2/ black and ultramarine Double Head, variety long gash in Queen’s ear, pos. 2. OG, HR. F-VF. PHOTO

$    150


#113var (SG155a var) 1910 KGV 2/6 black and crimson Double Head, variety long gash in Queen’s ear, pos. 2. OG, HR. F-VF. PHOTO

$    400


#114var (SG158var) 1910 KGV 3/ green and violet Double Head, variety long gash in Queen’s ear, pos. 2. OG, HR. F-VF. PHOTO

$    275


#115var (SG159var) 1910 KGV 5/ vermilion and deep green Double Head, variety long gash in Queen’s ear, pos. 2. OG, HR. F-VF. PHOTO

$    350



1910//13 KGV ½d Double Head collection of 119 stamps. A wide variety of printings, shades and perforations including perf 13½ and perf 15 (7). Some with plating notes. Some faults, but mostly sound examples copies. F-VF PHOTO 1  PHOTO 2  PHOTO 3  PHOTO 4  PHOTO 5  PHOTO 6  PHOTO 7  PHOTO 8  PHOTO 9

$    275



1910//13 KGV ½d Double Head cancellation collection of 70 stamps (including 7 pairs) neatly mounted on black stock pages. Includes Abercorn, Bulawayo, Bulawayo Station, Chinsali, Chipongwe, Eiffel Flats, Fife, Fort Jameson, Fundu, Gatooma, Golden Valley, Gwelo, Hartley, Jumbo Mine (x2), Kafue, Kalomo, Kalunguisi, Kansanshi, Kasama, Kawambwa, Kimberley S.A., Lusakas, Livingstone, Marandellas, Marula Tank, Matopos, Mongu Lealui, Mporokoso, Peggy Mine, Plumtree, Salisbury, Serenje, Sesheke, Shamva, Sinoia, Umtali, Umvukwe, Victoria, Victoria Falls. Mostly sound examples. Generally F-VF PHOTO 1  PHOTO 2

$    190



1910//13 KGV 1d Double Head plating collection of over 400 stamps presented on black stock pages plus a few album pages. Many with flaws noted. Excellent variety of printings, shades and perforations including perf 15 (18 examples). The occasional fault but mostly sound used copies. Most F-VF

$    650



1910//13 KGV 1d Double Head cancellation collection of 130 stamps including Battlefields, Chinsali, Duchess Hill, Eiffel Flats, Eldorado Mine, Enkeldoorn, Essexvale, Fife, Figtree, Filabusi, Fort Jameson, Gadzema, Gatooma, Golden Valley, Gwanda, Hartley, Headlands, Inoro, Insiza Station, Inyati, Jumbo Mine, Kafue, Kalene Hill, Kalomo, Kalunguisi, Kansanshi, Kasama, Kashitu, Kawambwa, Kimberley Reefs, Lalapanzi, Livingstone, Lonely Mine, Magoye, Marshbrook, Mongu Lealui, Matopos, Mongu Lealui, Monze, Mount Selinda, Mpika, Mumbwa, Paulington, Peggy Mine, Penhalonga, Plumtree, Odzi (Block of 4), Queens Mine, Que Que, Selukwe, Sesheke, Shagari, Shamva, Sinoia, Umboe, Umtali, Umvuma, Veracity Mine, Victoria Falls, Wankies, Zimbabwe. Includes 2 strips of 3 and 2 blocks of 4, one with Gwelo CTO 24 DEC 13. Generally sound

$    275



1910//13 KGV 2½d Double Head collection of 14 stamps including a CTO block of 4 cancelled Gwelo 24 DEC 13 and a variety of printings and shades. Some better cancels including Golden Valley 12 NOV 10 and West Nicholson. F-VF. PHOTO

$   150



1910//13 KGV 2d // 10d Mint (9) and used (13) Double Head flaw collection of 22 stamps with a variety of printings from different states of the plate with major flaws and printer’s marks represented. Mint stamps include 2d (2, both pos. 2, one with long gash in Queen’s ear the other the Queen’s thick ear), 3d, 4d (2, one RSC A, mid-gash in Queen’s ear), 6d (2, one long long gash in Queen’s ear), 8d, 10d (long gash in Queen’s ear). Used include 2d (7, one a perf 15, one with SG3 printer’s mark, 2 with thick ear printer’s marks, 2 with no gash printer’s marks and one with triangle of dots), 3d (3, one with SG printer’s mark, one with lines by Queen’s cheek and one with pos.10 medal marks), 4d (long gash in Queen’s ear), 6d (2, one with thick ear printer’s mark, the other with King’s voided medal). One 2d with 1975 RPSL certificate. Useful reference collection of some hard to find flaws. Generally sound examples. F-VF. PHOTO

$    400



1910//13 KGV 2d // 1/ Double Head cancellation collection of 33 stamps including Bulawayo, Chin Mine, Eldorado Mine, Eiffel Flats, XF Gadzema (on 1/), Gatooma, Golden Kopje, Golden Valley, Hartley, Indrama, Inyati, Jumbo Mine, Kimberley Reefs, Marandellas, Mazunga, Melsetter (on 6d), M.O. Exchange Bulawayo, Mporokoso (on 2d and 3d), Namwala, Noola, Peggy Mine, Petauke, Tuerkois Umboe, Victoria Falls (Nov 1910). CTOs include 2d RSC A with Gwelo 13 SEP 13, 5d SG141a Gwelo 6 MAY 13, 6d SG145 Bulawayo 22 AUG 11 and 10d SG150 Bulawayo 12 FEB 11. Generally F-VF. PHOTO

$    250



1910//13 KGV 2d // 1/ Used Double Head collection of 62 stamps with a wide variety of printings from many states of the 5555, Thick Ear, and No Gash Plates, including 2d (24 perf 14, 5 perf 15), 3d (10), 4d (6 perf 14, 2 perf 15), 5d (4), 6d (5) and 1/ (6). One 2d with 1975 RPSL certificate. Generally F-VF. (SG over £1,500). PHOTO 1  PHOTO 2

$    350










SG213a 1913 KGV 8d violet and green Admiral, Die I perf 14. An exceptional example of this rare and sought after stamp. Brilliant, fresh color, excellent perfs and a delightful example in every respect. OG. F-VF. (SG £6,000). PHOTO FRONT COVER

$ 3,000



1913//19 KGV Collection of ½d - £1 used Admirals, over 350 stamps mounted on album pages and sorted by plate and perforation. A nice run of shades, some plating notes, several pairs and a few better cancels. A lot of duplication in denominations to the 3/. Includes many high values with 10/ (5), £1 (6) plus some fiscals or faded n/c. Also includes a section of the 1917 Half Penny overprints. A very clean group, the odd fault but generally F-VF. (SG over £15,000)

$ 3,750



1913//19 KGV Collection of ½d - £1 used Admirals, over 600 stamps many on album pages most sorted by plate state and perforation. Heavy duplication. A section of unsorted would benefit from attention. Many multiples, mainly pairs, but blocks of 4 as well. Also includes a group of the 1917 Half Penny overprints. A few high values with 7/6 (2), 10/, and £1 (2, one n/c). Many of the stamps with plating notes and a few better cancellations. A good lot for the patient, adventurous Admiral enthusiast. Generally F, F-VF. (SG over £11,000)

$ 2,000











1892//1909 Used collection of Arms issue and Victoria Falls issue on album pages, over 300 stamps representing all issues from 1892 to 1909 including the definitive sets, the 1892 overprints, Matabele Rebellion Provisionals, CGH overprints, Victoria Falls issue including perforation varieties and the 1909 definitive set with most of the no stop varieties. Also includes a small postmark section on the higher value stamps. A few faults but generally a clean lot with mostly sound stamps. (SG over £11,000)

$ 2,750







1892-1924 Specialized cancellation collection of over 850 stamps with Arms, Falls and Admirals written up on pages, a lot of duplication and cancel varieties. Includes Abercorn, Binduru, Broken Hill, Bwanamana, Bulawayo Station, Charter, Chibi, Chienje, Chinsali, Chisamba, Choma, Decocks, Duchess Mine, Eaglehawk, Eldorado Mine, Enterprise, Erenje, Essexvale, Feira, Fife, Figtree, Filabusi, Fort Jameson, Fort Rixon, Fort Roseberry, Fort Victoria, Gadzema, Gatooma, Geelong, Golden Valley, Gwaai, Gwanda, Gwelo, Hartley, Headland, Indarama, Inoro, Inseza, Insiza Station, Inyanga, Inyajura, Jenkinstown, Jumbo Mine, Kalene Hill, Kafue, Kaleya, Kalomo Station, Kalunguisi, Kansanshi, Kasama, Kasempa, Kashitu, Kawambwa, Kazungula, Killarney Mine, Kolomo, Kopje, Lalapanzi, Lealui, Livingstone, Lonely Mine, Lusaka, Matapos, Mazabuka, Mazoe, Mazunga, Melseter, Miami, Mongu Lealui, Monze, Mount Selinda, Mpiga, Mpika, Mporokoso, Mumbwa, Mwinilunga, Mwomboshi, Namwala, Ndanga, Ndola, Nelly Mine, Norton, Odzi, Ortons Drift, Pemba, Penhalonga, Petauke, Que Que, Sabiwa, Sebakwe, Selukwe, Serenje, Sesheke, Shabani, Shamrock, Shamva, Shangani, Sitanda, Turkois Mine, Tuli, Umtali, Victoria, Wankies, West Nicholson, Zaloba, #300, #312, #825, #826, #827, #828, #841, #859, #941, #951, #952, Diamond “1”, Diamond “G”, Diamond “H”, Diamond “K”. An extensive collection. Inspection suggested. Mostly sound, attractive examples. most F-VF

$ 1,200







1892//1954 Rhodesia and Southern Rhodesia extensive cancellation collection of approximately 1,050 stamps written up on pages and primarily KGV and KGVI issues, some earlier Arms, Double Heads and Admirals and a few later QEII stamps. Lot includes Achnashee, Amandas, Antelope Mine, Arcturus, Ardbennie, Avondale, Abercorn, Balla Balla, Banket Junction, Battlefields, Battlefields Mine, Beatrice Mine, Beitbridge, Bikita, Bindura, Britwell, Belingwe, Bembesi, Broken Hill, Bromley, Buhera, Gubulawayo, Bulawayo, Chibi, Chin Mine, Chipinga, Concession Rail, Craigmore, Cranborne, Daisyfield, Darwendale, Dawsons, Doland, Dett, Duchess Hill, Eaglehawk, Eiffel Flats, Eldorado Mine, Enkledoorn, Essexvale, Featherstone, Felixburg, Figtree, Filabusi, Fort Rixon, Fort Tuli, Fort Victoria, Gadzema, Gatooma, Gelong, Glendale, Glendale Station, Gokwe, Golden Kopje, Golden Valley, Gothic Mine, Great Zimbabwe, Greystone, Gutu, Guinea Fowl, Gwanda, Gwelo, Hartley, Hatfield, Headlands, Heany, Highlands, Hunters Road, Insiza, Insiza Station, Inyanga, Inyati, Inyazura, Iron Mine Hill, Jumbo, Jumbo Mine, Keynshamburg, Kimberley Reefs, Kafue, Kalunguisi, Lalapanzi, Legion Mine, Livingstone, Lonely Mine, Luwingu, Lydiate, Macheke, Madummbisa, Makowries, Makwird, Marendellas, Marula Tank, Mashaba, Matetsi, Matopos, Mazoe, Melsetter, Miami, Moffat, Mount Darwin, Mount Silinda, Mrewa, Msonneddi, Mte Patepa, Mtoko, Mutambara, Ndola, Nelly Mine, Nil Desperadum Mine, Norton, Nuanetsi, Nybira, Nyamanhlovu, Odzi, Paulington, Penhalonga, Plumtree, Queens Mine, Que Que, Raylton, Rurgwe, Rusape, Salisbury, Kopje Salisbury, Shuberstownship, Sebanga Poort, Selukwe, Shabani, Shagari, Shamva, Shangani, Sinoia, Sipolio, Somabula, South Helvetia, Surprise Mine, Tandaai, Tati, Theydon, Thornhill, Travelling Post Office, Trelawney, Tuli, Turk Mine, Turkois Mine, Umsweswe, Untail, Umvuma, Victoria, Victoria Falls, Wanderer Mine, Wankies, Wankie, Wedza, Wellesley, West Nicholson, Willoughby’s Halt, Zaka, Zaloba, Zawi. The occasional fault but generally F-VF

$ 700










(SG See Postage Due footnote after SB2) 1954-56 QEII 1d ultramarine definitive block of 4 with margin at bottom, each stamp hs diagonally POSTAGE DUE in black, pos. 45-46, 55-56. Very fresh and NH, the LR stamp with slight gum bend. F-VF. 2011 BPA certificate. PHOTO FRONT COVER

$ 2,000











1794 Black and white map of St. Christopher and Nevis by Bryan Edwards measuring 258 x 197mm. PHOTO

$      90


#A4 (SG Z4) 1858-60 GB QV 6d lilac wing margin stamp with additional margin at left. bearing VF full A12 cancel. F-VF. 1987 BPA certificate. (Scott $300, SG £250). PHOTO

$    120


#15 (SG19) 1890 QV 6d olive-brown wmk Crown CA, perf 14, used and elusive as such. F-VF. (Scott $425, SG £400). PHOTO

$    160


#16var (SG20w) 1886 QV 1/ mauve wmk Crown CA perf 14, variety watermark inverted. Scarce. Slightly faded. Fine. (SG £190). PHOTO

$      60


#21 (SG24) 1886 QV 1d on 6d green strip of 4 tied on piece each stamp cancelled ST. KITTS C JY 26 86. F-VF. Ex-Messenger. (Scott $240, SG £200). PHOTO

$      90


1886 QV 4d grey on cover to NY cancelled bold A12 and with ST. KITTS C MR 9 86 at side. Brooklyn arrival on reverse. Very attractive. F-VF. PHOTO

$    110


1887 QV 4d grey on cover to Brooklyn cancelled A12 and with ST. KITTS C JA 31 87 at LL. NY and Brooklyn arrivals on reverse. F-VF. PHOTO

$    100


1888 QV ½d, 1d (3) and 2½d on registered cover to NY neatly cancelled A12 and with nearly full ST KITTS C AU 15 88 at UL. NY arrival on reverse. Very attractive tri-color franking. F-VF. PHOTO

$    150


1890 Antigua QV 1d to St. Johns cancelled A12 and with ST. KITTS C FE 27 90 alongside. See footnote after Scott 23, SG 28. F-VF. PHOTO

$    350


1890 Antigua QV 1d to St. Johns and redirected to Basseterre cancelled A12 and ST. KITTS C MR. 27 90 alongside. See footnote after Scott 23, SG 28. F-VF. PHOTO

$    350


1907 QV Half penny on bisected 1d (5, pair and strip of 3) plus LI 1902 overprints 1d on 4d - 1d on 7d on cover to Roseau all cancelled A12 duplex of JU 4 07. Dominica bs. F-VF. Ex-Bessemer. PHOTO

$    130



1879//1903 Nine items including 8 postal stationery cards commencing with H&G1 1880 1½d card to Germany, 2 others to England and Saxony, 1d H&G2 to Montserrat, H&G4 to Germany and H&G 6 reply card to Switzerland and pair of reply halves incoming from NY and London. Quite scarce. F-VF. Also includes March 20, 1888 copy of the St. Christopher Advertiser newspaper (complete). PHOTO 1  PHOTO 2  PHOTO 3

$    325







ST. HELENA (See also Lots 452, 458-59)



#79var (SG97hc) 1936 KGV ½d grey-black and black Badge of the Colony scarce printing, variety cleft rock. Streaky gum characteristic of this printing. OG. F-VF. (SG £300). PHOTO

$    140


#80 var (SG98c) 1922-37 KGV 1d grey and green Badge of the Colony, variety cleft rock. OG, HR. F-VF. (SG £75). PHOTO

$      40


#81var (SG99b) 1923 KGV 1½d rose red Badge of the Colony, variety torn flag, used. F-VF. (SG £200). PHOTO

$      80


#84var (SG103c) 1927 KGV 5d green and deep carmine on green Badge of the Colony, variety cleft rock, used. F-VF. (SG £350). PHOTO

$    160


#86var (SG105b) 1923 KGV 8d grey and bright violet Badge of the Colony, variety torn flag. OG. Two short perfs, o/w F-VF. (SG £200). PHOTO

$      60


#95var (SG92b) 1923 KGV 4d grey and black on yellow Badge of the Colony wmk Multiple Crown CA, variety torn flag. OG, HR. F-VF. (SG £275). PHOTO

$    120


#98var (SG95b) 1922-37 KGV 5/ grey and green on yellow Badge of the Colony wmk Multiple Crown CA, variety torn flag. XLH, if at all. F-VF. (SG £950). PHOTO BACK COVER

$    425


#101-10 (SG114-23) 1934 KGV ½d - 10/ Centenary complete set of 10 values. OG. The 10/ with slight gum loss. F-VF. (Scott $472, SG £425). PHOTO

$    130