LOT NO.                                                                                                                                                                                 EST.














1758//1800 Collection of 10 SFLs including 7 packet letters, one ship letter and 2 sent privately all presented on exhibit pages, meticulously described and rates explained. Three covers, one triple rate, all with IAMAICA hs on reverse and one with s/l JAMAICA/21 DEC 1800 on reverse. F, F-VF. PHOTO 1  PHOTO 2  PHOTO 3

$    250


1778-1800 Collection of 12 covers with 2 packet letters, one with VF IAMAICA hs on reverse, 10 with Ship Letter handstamp markings including Dover, Deal (2), Portsmouth (2), Greenock (2), Liverpool (3). All beautifully written-up. F, F-VF. PHOTO 1  PHOTO 2

$    500


1799 SFL to London headed Jamaica 13 July 1799 rated ¾ and endorsed “Packet”. On reverse an XF strike of the 2-line JAMAICA/JUL14 99 hs. London arrival in red of SEP 3. A unusually nice example. VF. Ex-Freeland. PHOTO

$    170


1801-1817 Collection of 36 SFLs nearly all on exhibit pages, most packet letters, 11 with medium or large Jamaica fleurons (fair to fine) with various destinations each written-up with careful attention to rates. Includes s/l MONTEGO BAY, 2-line Jamaica/18Nov1804, VF SPANISH -TOWN/JA, Savannah La Mar, Green Island, Falmouth, Jamaica Ship Letter, Romney Ship Letter, etc. A very nice, useful range. F, F-VF. PHOTO 1  PHOTO 2

$ 1,200


1804 Stampless folded letter to New York sent by Ship Lovina/E. Cadwell and headed Rio Bueno. Written on hand-made revenue paper bearing the Spanish imprint of Dos Reales and seal of King Charles IV. Unusual. F-VF. PHOTO

$    140


1810 Stampless folded letter to Hawick headed Spring Hill June 28th, rated 2/6 and bearing Jamaica Crown Ship Letter, a light strike, plus Liverpool Crown Ship Letter (fine). Red AUG 30 arrival on face. Fine. PHOTO

$    150


1815 Large part stampless folded letter to London bearing F-VF Ship Letter Crown Jamaica (fold just affects at right). London arrival of 2 OC on reverse. PHOTO

$    190


1822 SFL to Scotland with XF COMMERCIAL ROOMS/KINGSTON JAMAICA hs on ship letter rated 1/11, crossed out and rerated 2/1. Sent p ship Kingston. On reverse SHIP LETTER/SWANAGE. Red octagonal MAY 16 arrival plus boxed ½ Scottish toll tax on face. F-VF. PHOTO

$    225


1822 SFL to Derbyshire bearing VF COMMERCIAL ROOMS/KINGSTON JAMAICA hs across the join and partially overwritten with docketing information. Rated 1/5 and sent p Brig Endeavor via Liverpool. F-VF. PHOTO

$    150


1836-64 Collection of 24 pre-stamp covers mounted on exhibit pages with a nice variety of markings including Jamaica Paid, Morant Bay, Bath, Annotto Bay, Dry Harbor, May Hill, Montego Bay, Falmouth, etc. Fair to Fine strikes

$    800


1845 Incoming SFL from Salem, NC with APR 30 and PAID both in blue to Robbins River and redirected to May Hill and bearing XF JAMAICA/SHIP LETTER hs at top. Ms “via Baltimore”. XF Kingston JU 21 split double ring arrival on reverse. Very attractive. PHOTO

$    300










1864 QV 1d pale blue bisect (#1a, SG 1d) paying the local circular rate on folded lettersheet to Savannah la Mar cancelled KINGSTON 2 JA 27 64. Tear through Savanna-La-Mar arrival of JA 29 on reverse. File fold does not affect stamp or markings. Fine. 1994 Holcombe certificate. PHOTO

$    300



1901 Exquisite compound essay of the issued design of the 1d bi-color Llandovery Falls with red-brown frame and dark blue vignette with hand-painted surround between. Affixed to card (115 x 90mm), endorsed “1” and “Dupl.” and dated Jan 2nd. VF. Ex-the De la Rue archives, ex-Swarbrick. PHOTO INSIDE BACK COVER

$ 1,200



#31-32 (SG31-32) 1900-01 Pair of complete Llandovery Falls sheets with 1d red (5 x 12, perf separations between rows 9 and 10) and 1d slate black and red, (5 x 12). Stamps appear NH. Fresh. F-VF. (Scott $1,590, SG £1,740)

$    350


Cayman Isl. #A19 (SG Z12) 1901 1d red Llandovery Falls on exhibit page cancelled GRAND CAYMAN JY 19 00 double ring cds, a nearly complete strike. Scarce. F-VF. (Scott $700, SG £650). PHOTO

$    275



#32a, (SG32b) 1901 1d slate-black and red Llandovery Falls horizontal pair, variety imperf between. A very clever and fascinating fake.



#31-32, (SG31-32) Interesting little group of exhibit pages with 1d red and 1d slate-black Llandovery Falls items including specimens of each, shades, mint and used blocks of 4, 6 and 9, strips, design shifts, etc. Generally F-VF

$    180


#43a (SG54a) 1910 QV 1/ black on green, variety “$” for “S” in “SHILLING”. OG, HR. Some perf toning on reverse only, o/w F-VF. 2018 Sismondo certificate. (Scott $1,450, SG £950). PHOTO

$    300











1863//1919 Collection of about 180 stamps on exhibit pages from the first issue through KGV 1912-19 definitive set (lots of shades), plus fiscals (including values to the 1/, one overprinted SPECIMEN) and War Tax issue with varieties. Also includes first 1/, variety $ for S in “SHILLING” (SG £650, small faults), complete mint sets, mint and used shades, wmk varieties, etc. Loads of value. A few n/c. Most F-VF

$    800



1900-01 Collection of Llandovery Falls town cancels on both the 1d red and 1d slate-black and red (mostly on single stamps but also including 14 covers) on exhibit pages and on stock pages in loose leaf album. Covers include Rio Bueno, Constant Spring, Green Island, Richmond, Troja, Up Park Camp. A very comprehensive presentation of cancellations. Also includes a few QV//KGVI and a little section of QV numerals. Mostly nice strikes and generally F-VF

$    325



1890//1938 Collection of Street Letter Box cancellations on exhibit pages in loose leaf binder with 12 covers and about 90 stamps plus blocks of 4. Includes 1890 ½d ps card with STREET/LETTER BOX/JAMAICA in diamond (scarce, in use just over a year). Each of the 3 towns which had Street Letter Box cancels is well-represented. Most are F-VF or better strikes. PHOTO

$    375



1900//05 Collection of 35 Llandovery Falls covers on exhibit pages in loose leaf binder. Includes a delightful patriotic cover to Limerick illustrating the mail route between Jamaica and England (opened roughly at top), various towns (Hector River to Bowden, May Pen, Black River), local and overseas usages, parcel tag to US sent at post card rate, several registered, TOO LATE markings, advertising, a few destinations (Brussels, Switzerland, Bonavista, Newfoundland), etc. Some mixed condition but most attractive and F-VF

$    325



1900//10 Collection of TRDs on Llandovery Falls issues with 15 stamps (including Adelphi, Albert Town, Constant Spring, Fellowship, Giddy Hall, Myrtle Bank, Race Course, Tichfield, etc.) and 2 ppcs (one with VF nearly full 1910 Myrtle Bank TRD, the other illustrating the railway tunnel near Troja with light Tichfield TRD. PHOTO 1  PHOTO 2  PHOTO 3

$    160



1900//05 Collection of 29 different Railway cancellations on Llandovery Falls stamps mounted on exhibit pages including Four Paths, Appleton, Balaclava (red and blue), Catadupa, Clarendon Park, Grange Lane, Green Vale, Porus, Richmond (red and blue), Troja, etc., plus a ppc franked with 1d Arms with partial Spanish Town RPO. F-VF. PHOTO 1  PHOTO 2  PHOTO 3  PHOTO 4

$    225



1915//40 Extensive WWI Red Cross collection with first issue represented by single on cover from Mandeville to NJ, mint, used, pairs, usages from a range of towns on piece with ½d and 1d stamps; second issue with red overprint mint, used (including railway cancels), usage on registered letter envelope to London, used in combination with Costa Rica 10¢ on piece, 6 covers including 3 with local advertising; and black overprint with half-penny surcharge block of 4 on cover from Newmarket, on reverse of registered cover from the Cayman Isl. to the US. Also 5 WWII covers with 1940 label). Offered intact ex-lot 734. F, F-VF

$    450



1919//29 Collection of the Pictorial issue, both wmks, mounted on exhibit pages with complete sets, shades, used blocks of 4 and larger, some watermark varieties (1½d with watermark reversed, 3d watermark inverted, 1/ Multiple Crown Script CA with watermark reversed (mint and unpriced as such by SG, horizontal crease). Also includes 6d Slavery issue wmk Multiple Crown Script CA overprinted SPECIMEN (LR corner reattached). Loads of value here. F, F-VF

$    550



1941 St. Dunstan’s Charity Label group with single, variety horizontal pair, imperf between, and single used on cover to Florida with red 2-line OPENED BY/CENSOR. label on reverse (central fold). Fine. PHOTO

$    120











1883 QV 1½d slate grey on buff postal stationery card overprinted SPECIMEN. Pristine. VF. PHOTO

$    100



1902 QV ½d wrapper uprated with 2d, 2½d and 4d registered to Germany cancelled AP 10 02 with London transit on face and Hanover arrival on reverse. A delightful tri-color franking. PHOTO

$    200


1916 KGV ½d Arms pair, 1½d War Tax plus Red Cross label with red overprint to Houston with Kingston machine cancel of DEC 16. Very scarce commercially used with only 3 or 4 recorded. Fine. PHOTO

$    250



1916//20 Group of 5 covers, 3 censored with 1917 2½d on cover to Toledo with OPENED BY AN OFFICER/OF THE POST OFFICE BY/EXPRESS WARRANT OF/THE GOVERNOR with contents (opened roughly at right), the same label on cover to Washington, DC with ½d and 1d (2) cancelled PORUS MR 12 17 and ppc to Amsterdam with machine cancel of JUL 3 17 and very scarce purple boxed PASSED BY NAVAL/CENSOR (ms initials) used at convoy office, Kingston. Also includes a War Tax cover, and another bearing the Airplane Red Cross label. F, F-VF. PHOTO 1  PHOTO 2

$    190


1918 KGV 1d scarlet plus ½d Coat of Arms on cover to Sydney, NSW with Kingston machine cancel of JUL 17 18. Endorsed ON ACTIVE Service with HM Australian Naval Forces and at UR “Censored on board” P.N.P. Rare. No backflap and fragile. Fine. PHOTO

$    180



no lot




1920//50s PPC collection, (one or 2 earlier with undivided back) of over 60 cards, mostly unused plus Souvenir of Jamaica folder (split) with 10 unused cards. A number of ethnic cards. A few later n/c. A very nice group. Most F-VF

$    250



1920//31 Collection of 20 covers on exhibit pages representing ½d // 2/values from the Pictorial sets. Includes 1½d to Cheshire with VF PAQUEBOT hs, ½d, 2d, 3d and 6d on registered cover to Honolulu, 1/ denominations on Air Mail cover to US and First Flight to St. Thomas, a 2/ on cover to Halifax, advertising (2), Postage Due (2), several registered, etc. F, F-VF.

$    250



QV//KGVI Collection of 21 covers including 1866 QV 1/ on cover to Scotland, 1898 1d rose strip of 4 and 2 pairs to NY, various Key types and Arms, several registered, interesting origins P(lantain) G(arden) River and destinations (Pietermartizburg, Natal), a few advertising, etc. F, F-VF. PHOTO 1  PHOTO 2

$    225



QV//QEII Extensive Postal stationery collection of over 125 items including Specimens (11 including KGVI wrapper and air letter), 6 Penitentary cards, mint and used postal cards of all reigns, registered letter envelopes, numerous wrappers, also 3 telegrams (2 QV mint, one 1965 White Sands Beach used. A comprehensive holding with local usages, interesting destinations (Costa Rica, etc), TRDs (May Day, Bounty Hall, Fairburn, Spring Bank, etc. Loads of value here

$    600