The Rev. D. Hugh Peniston Collection of Bermuda
The "Cold Spring" Collection of Great Britain
Robert W. Hisey Orange Free State Part II
Michael J. Nethersole Collections Part II



Our long awaited Public Auction 32 is finally here! We are offering a wonderful Bermuda collection formed by the late Rev. D. Hugh Peniston whose family settled on the island in the 1610s.  It is replete with interesting and unusual material and quite unlike the usual Bermuda offerings. Major items include the rare 3d on 1d Provisional and the 1d on 2d Provisional with no stop (ex-Tucker).  We mentioned the new Bermuda Specialized catalogue when writing the introduction to the last auction but we had never had a chance to actually put it to good use ourselves ... until now.  What a delight to research the Peniston sale and have the catalogue at hand!  Everything we needed to know, every answer we needed to many questions was neatly tucked between the covers.  All the answers, all in one place.  Call and order your copy today so that you can use it as you peruse the Peniston collection.

On the front cover you will see the fabulous Newfoundland 7¢ block of 4 which is newly discovered and represents a perforation variety not previously recorded. It is line perf 13½ x 14 and is a spectacular find.  The Great Britain section is quite extensive and starts with a fabulous, highly specialized collection of 1d blacks, 2d blues, and imperf 1d reds.  Seldom will you find so many delicious items in such nice condition. Look inside the front cover for a preliminary peek at what it contains!  The "Cold Spring" Collection offers major GB rarities including the QV £1 I.R. OFFICIAL, a "VR" Official, the absolutely beautiful £5 orange on front cover, extensive collections and so much more.  There are many collection lots in this sale including BWI, general Commonwealth, large GB lots and more so be sure to check the Lots and Collections section at the end for a nice adventure.  Various collections also dot the main body of the catalogue so look for your favorite countries in both places.

We also have Part II of the Michael J. Nethersole collections including a further offering of his Trinidad and Part II of the Robert W. Hisey Collection of Orange Free State.  Other highlights include a major offering of Cape of Good Hope and collections of Cayman Islands, Madagascar, St. Helena, New Hebrides and a huge picture postcard collection!

Our next sale will include large holdings of India and Ireland.  Contact us if you would like us to showcase your collection in our next Public Auction.

Now, on with the sale!



Phoebe A. MacGillivary


Member: ASDA, PTS, APS

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