The Charles Freeland Collection of Dominica
Selections from the George T. Krieger Collection of Br. East Africa
The Michael J. Nethersole Collection of India
The "Croton" Collection of Great Britain

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For the first time in 14 years, our auction will be held at the Collectors Club in New York City.  This lovely venue was home to our sales for many years and we are looking forward to returning there.  The site is easily accessible for those of you coming from the tri-state area or arriving from overseas.  Sorry NJ folks.  It will be a little more difficult for some of you.

This sale features several major collections: We are very pleased to present the Charles Freeland Collection of Dominica.  In true Freeland style, Charles has assembled a breath-taking holding of this little island replete with mint, used, proofs, essays, specimens, errors, blocks and interesting tidbits throughout.  The "Croton" Great Britain is a large, specialized offering with proofs, essays and specimens.  Also presented are selections from the award-winning George T. Krieger Br. East Africa Collection including a fabulous cover franked with India stamps with ms "B.E.A.", an interesting holding of Br. Guiana and Br. Honduras including Charles Freeland's censored covers, Ascension and St. Helena specialized Badge of the Colony issue and Ireland including a sheet of the 2/6 Seahorse composite setting.  Also small but interesting offerings of the type varieties of Somaliland and Zanzibar and other Br. Africa.  A consignment of proofs adds a nice dimension to the sale.

As a result of significant increases in the cost of accepting credit cards, we are no longer able to absorb all of the fees.  We will still accept credit cards but will add 3% to help defray a portion of the charges.

Upcoming attractions: We have just received a huge (200 volume) collection for the next sale which consists primarily of KGVI and early QEII, all NH and, yes, there are some blocks of 4!  The sale will also feature a major unrecorded QEII rarity, the unique Northern Rhodesia 6d plate number block of 4 with watermark inverted, NH, of course, and absolutely pristine.  (A single just fetched 7,500!)

If you have material that you would like to consign to the next auction, please let us know.

Now, on with the sale!



Phoebe A. MacGillivary


Member: ASDA, PTS, APS

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